Who the F#@k is Tank Garage Winery??

Tank Garage Winery is pushing the limits and taking risks. They want to be different and that makes them one of the best. They take it all to the next level; effortlessly encapsulating Moonshot Thinking since 2014.

This is #moonshotthinking

Tank’s brand is juicy and accessible. I first saw their retro filling station pumps in an instagram post when searching for things to do in Calistoga in early 2017. I HAD to pilgrimage there and create this memory for myself. They didn't disappoint then and working with them exceeded my expectations as well.

Dreams realized..png

Shooting this video with Tank Garage Winery was a dream. No surprise at all.. Between joining as a member during my first visit and attending two Garage Sales shortly after, I was completely smitten. Their staff is the definition of chill and they create an inviting and playful atmosphere for wine tasters to drop by and settle into whether its a weekday afternoon, a Friday night Speakeasy or an easy going Sunday Garage Sale.

“We always try to throw another idea at it. This time it’s skee ball, next time it’s pinball. Good food, good music, good wine.” - James, Owner + Co-founder

tank games.png

The Garage Sales bring all these elements together. And that is what Tank is all about. Being out there for people to connect with. It was great to chat with one of the owners, James Harder, during our interview portion of the video shoot. You could see how his leadership style has had a huge influence in the vibe of his staff.

"Our saying is Never Dream Alone. We want everyone that is a part of this to help just continue to create this dream. It’s no one person’s thing. We’re all in this together.” - James

Tank staff.png

And who can blame them! With the low-key yet bold atmosphere you can’t help but show up authentically. From the captivating design of the tasting room itself to the label artwork that is created for each and every limited release blend you feel more like you are in an artfully curated record store than a winery. And the truth is, that’s not far off from what they are going for.

“What if you had a winery that made all these one off blends and then moved onto the next thing… like an album cover?” Ed Feuchuk, Brand Co-founder

And Tank was born.


Although it was hard to work through the fun of the Garage Sale we are very happy with how this video turned out. It was our goal to connect the chill, playful, retro vibe to the creators behind the curtain that make the magic possible all tied together with a chill-hop soundtrack to the backdrop of their periodic members event - The Garage Sale.

“Just make us look cool, man.” Ed said as we left with our parting gifts of wine and tees. We couldn’t help but think of the same catchy line from Almost Famous. Rock stars of the record *cough* I mean, wine labels yet again.

tank wide shot.png

Hopefully now you have a little better idea as to Who the F#@k Tank Garage Winery is, but it really is an experience worth having in person.

You can check out Tank Garage Winery at 1020 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga, CA 94515 and www.tankgaragewinery.com. Make sure to follow their oh so instagrammable insta feed @tankwinery and enjoy all the wine, art and culture. If that don’t get ya hooked - I don’t know what will!


Can't wait? Here's more about Tank:

Tank Garage Winery comes to life in a 1930s era gas station in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga, California. An area graced with world-class vineyards and cool California made wines.

The winery and tasting room are the dream of two longtime friends — who, after decades of collective experience in farming and creating world-class wine, decided to celebrate the heart and soul of vintage California culture and creativity.

The result is a small collection of “one off,” uniquely-crafted wines that draw heavily on the owners’ personal lifestyles and experiences. Belief in the notion that ideas and influences continually surround us, tease us, and tempt us is at the heart of Tank Garage Winery. Whether you're facing the new and the unknown, or celebrating the past, just hold on and embrace it. And above all… Never Dream Alone.